SUPPLYING LOANS ACCORDING TO best practice guidelines.

Loan Periods - The ILRS code recommends a minimum of 3 weeks however loan periods vary from library to library depending on their loan policies. In some case libraries have opted for a longer loan period and may not offer renewals. The ILRS directory is a good source of information for library loan policy.

Renewals - Currently there is no national agreement on renewals. It is up to each library to determine if they will accept renewal requests and the period to be covered. Libraries need to balance access to their local patrons and interlibrary loan.

Overdues - Currently there is no national agreement on overdues or fees. It is up to each library to determine whether to issue overdue noticies (print or online), and any charges that may result from the material not being returned. Libraries should return interlibary loans as soon as their patron has finished with the material and if there is a problem discuss it with the supplying library. Some libraries charge for the late return of material and/or lost items.

Packaging - Current there is no national agreement on packaging. However libraries should consider the number of issues when sending material on interlibrary loan. What delivery method is being used (collect, courier, mail) and package the item accordingly. Libraries returning material also consider this. Keeping in mind preservation issues ie not stapples, some padding if appropriate etc.

Delivery methods - The ILRS code recommends for core requests any method that does not incur a charge - mail or courier. For rush requests - express post or equivalent.