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**Australian Digital Theses**
**Index to Theses**
**Theses Canada Portal**
**Dissertation Express - Proquest**
**Networked Digital Library of Dissertations and Theses**

**Australasian Digital Theses Program**

The aim of the ADT program is to establish a distributed database of digital versions of theses produced by the postgraduate research students at Australian universities. The theses will be available worldwide via the web. The ideal behind the program is to provide access to, and promote Australian research to the international community. Ff

**Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations**

The Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD) is an international organization dedicated to promoting the adoption, creation, use, dissemination and preservation of electronic analogues to the traditional paper-based theses and dissertations.

**Arrow Discovery Service - now part of Trove**

Search for Australian digital theses through the ARROW Discovery Service. In addition to providing information on unpublished theses, the Service provides details of preprints, postprints, journal articles, images, working papers and technical reports. The ARROW databases contains more than 137,000 records harvested from 23 university repositories and 12 other research collections. Most of the records in the ARROW database include links to full text. The ARROW service has been incorporated into the Trove comprehensive search portal.

**Index to Theses**

A comprehensive listing of theses with abstracts accepted for higher degrees by universities in Great Britain and Ireland since 1716.

**Dissertation Express (Proquest)**

The most complete source for theses from North American universities is ProQuest's Dissertation Abstracts. This database includes over 2.3 million PhD and Masters theses from the United States and Canada.

**Theses Canada Portal**

The National Library of Canada's Theses Canada Portal provides free online access to the full-text of Canadian dissertations and theses from 1998 onwards.