Share It was officially launched on Tuesday 20th January 2009 at the Information Online 2009 Conference by Roxanne Missingham, Parliamentary Librarian, ALIA Past President and long term advocate of resource sharing in Australia.


Interlending practitioners are encouraged to contribute to Share It and add content. To register request an invitation email to ALIA Interlibrary Lending Advisory Committee


In order to maintain consistency across this resource the following guidelines are suggested:

  • add content to existing pages, rather than create new pages. If a new page is required email the ALIA Interlibrary Lending Advisory Committee
  • ensure that content is in a logical order, usually alphabetically
  • headings and hypertext links should be bolded, but not increased in size
  • links to resources should always be put into context with information about the item

Most importantly, review changes and ensure the formatting is consistent with the look and feel of other pages.